Kansas City Job Search/Networking Events for October 20-25

If you know about other career fairs, meetings or events that would benefit job seekers, please send a note to markvanbaale@gmail.com.

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New Page: Recruiter’s Perspective 

If you are a regular visitor to this page, you may have noticed that we have had the privilege of having Jeremy Johnson, a recruiter for EHD Technologies, write guest posts for this site in the past. When he has had time to write one, it has usually been posted on Fridays. His willingness to write these posts and share with us so we can post them on here has been a true blessing.

Now, we have a dedicated page that will show all of Jeremy’s archived guest posts on job searching from a recruiter’s perspective. Check them out!

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Kansas City Job Seekers featured on Fox 4 KC

Many of you may have come to this site from the feature you saw on Fox 4 KC on Monday, July 28 or via the Fox4KC.com website. Tammy Kabell, who is great partner with us, mentioned our site during her feature on Why August is a good time to search for jobs. Tammy has many great workshops that she offers for the job seeking community and you can read more about her services at Career Resume Consulting.

Thank you again to Tammy for mentioning us and we thank each of you who may be visiting this site for the first time or if you are a regular visitor! Also thank you for spreading word to others about this site.