Job Search Tips/Advice

Career Advice by Grantham University:

Tell Me About Yourself: How to Respond to Open-Ended Interview Questions

Career Advice by Jeremy Johnson, a recruiter for EHD Technologies: 

Get Out of Your Own Way in Your Job Search
How you can make sure you are not in your own way when job searching.

When Experience Doesn’t Equal Proficiency
Learn how how your experience does not always equal proficiency.

How to Present Your Own Business on Your Resume
Learn tips and tricks on how to present your own business on your resume.

Handling Relocation in your Job Hunt
How to handle the idea of job relocation in your job search.

Random Recruiter Thoughts, Part 2
Part 2 of Jeremy’s random thoughts on job searching.

Think “So What” When Presenting Your Job Skills
It doesn’t matter what you’ve done in the past. It matters why a hiring manager would see it as benefiting him/her.

The Case for Working with Recruiters
Why it is a good idea to work with recruiters with the help/exposure they can give you in your job search.

Should You Work with Multiple Recruiters?
Things to think about if you are thinking about working with multiple recruiters as part of your job search.

Watch Your Online Presence When Job-Hunting
Tips on watching your online presence when you are job-hunting.

The Jimmy Resume
Great tips on why a third-person resume is not a good idea.

Structuring Your Cover Letter
Tips on how you can structure your cover letter.

Customize Your Cover Letters
Tips on why you should customize your cover letter and how you can do it. 

Think Like a Salesperson When Handling Qualification Objections
How to handle qualification objections if asked about them.

Positioning Your Experience Better with Miller Lite
How you can position your job experience like Miller Lite did for so many years with their advertising slogan.

The Job Hunt: Don’t Forget About Your Competition
Why you should not forget about those who are competing against you for jobs you apply for.

The Job Hunter’s Lament: “But I shouldn’t have to!”
How job hunter’s lament can easily affect job seekers. Worth reading if you are stuck in a rut.

Let Google Help You Toward a Better Job Search
How Google can help you toward a better job search.

Qualities vs. Qualifications on Your Resume
Know the difference between qualities vs. qualifications on your resume.

Break the One Page Resume Rule
How job seekers should break the one page resume rule.

If You’re in the Job Hunt, Then You’re in Sales
How you can effectively “sell” yourself to companies.

Addressing the “Overqualified” Objection
How job seekers can address the “overqualified” objection they may get from prospective employers.

The Resume Objective Statement is Dead
Why the resume objective statement is dead.

Don’t Be the Person Recruiters Try to Avoid
Why you don’t want to be the person that recruiters try to avoid.

Don’t Get Comfortable in Your Job Search
Find out what does it look like to live outside your comfort zone in your job search.

Think Small to Get Ahead in Your Interview
How you should think small to get ahead in your interview.

What’s in Your Tackle Box?
Learn why skill sets are what is most important for being on your resume (tackle box). 

Three Things Important to Hiring Managers
Learn what you can do to ensure you present yourself in the best way possible to a hiring manager.

The Recruiting Life
Learn what it is like to be a recruiter.

Job Networking: Be a Farmer, Not a Hunter
How to be a farmer, not a hunter in your networking approach. 

What Shape is your Resume?
Learn how to put together your resume.

The Proper Focus in your Job Hunt
The job hunt is not about you. Learn what to focus on.

Job Hunting with Twitter
Importance of using Twitter as part of your job search. 

When Applying for Jobs, Think Rifle Not Shotgun
Think rifle, not shotgun when applying for jobs.

Resume Red Flags
Red flags that recruiters look for on a resume.

What Every Interview Question Really Means
Learn what a hiring manager is looking for when they ask you specific questions in an interview.